Claire Flynn Boyle (cfbgoespop) wrote,
Claire Flynn Boyle

Alysons encounter with Dale Thomas

While I've been reviewing the options for this site lately (Lizjournal is very, very dead) I haven't lost my focus for some football. It's AFL season next year, or as Tina T calls it, "Time to leave the house so Alyson can have time to scream at the TV". I, er, care about my team, my West Coast, and if you are a critic of the West Coast Eagles (I got my tickets today for West Coast vs Brisbane at Subiaco in Perth today, which was very exciting) like Robert Walls, well, then, I'll be visiting you to (CENSORED! THINK OF THE CHILDREN!)


Anyway, there are still 10 teams here in Good old Victoria who I hate, and one of them is Collingwood, the poor persons club. This is entirely because I was once a club mascot for West Coast in a game against Collingwood, and one of their ferals spat at me. And because of 1990. And last years finals. One of the players for Collingwood is this guy.

Dale Thomas. He's about the size of a pixie. And he kicked a goal against us last year, and I wasn't happy. However, I don't hate him like I hate, say, Josh Fraser or Chris Judd. Now, I was out and about in my West Coast beanie the other day, getting love from my people and hatred from the ferals. No real surprise. I went into JB Hi-Fi to buy myself a pirated copy of Underbelly from behind the counter (oh come on, you're all doing it!) and there, flicking through the DVDs was Dale Thomas with a big cap on. And he sees I've got a West Coast beanie on (it's always a beanie with me) and he nods and says something nice about West Coast. Me, being me, goes "Thanks Dale Thomas!" and he's gone "No, I'm not Dale Thomas!" and I've gone on "You are Dale Thomas!" and was about to provided evidence to back this up, and he's gone "I'm not Dale Thomas, I promise!". So I've shrugged and gone fair enough, he doesn't want the Facebook generation hassling him while he's buying DVDs. At which point, he's gone "And if I was, I wouldn't tell you this!" and told me this amazingly libellous short story about someone who plays for West Coast, and gone off giggling!

I don't whether to have offended, or amused. I think we might be friends now. I don't want to be friends with a Collingwood player! I'm confused!

God bless AFL in Melbourne...

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