Claire Flynn Boyle (cfbgoespop) wrote,
Claire Flynn Boyle

Y Music - Alysons favourite songs of 2007

Hey kids! Think the Veronicas are totally boss! Totally loving Fergie as your ringtone! Think that bloke from Matchbox 20 is a bit hot! Hanging outside an Adelaide shoe shop hoping Chris Brown buys some shoes? Got strong opinions on AKON?

Well, this is SO not the list for you!

I agonise massively over this list, and soon as I hit send, I'll want to take it back. In fact, if you think of this list has having a definitive #1, then 2-21 being sort of equal 2nd, you'll know how hard this list was to assemble!

So, what to say? Well, yes, my #1 song is from 1985, but it's joyous, and simple and it got my heart from day one. Everything else on this list is great and so are the songs I'll forget or remember tomorrow at some point. Jo Le Foster is of course the real sound of 2007, since we still do wonder WHAT ARE YOU ABOUT FOSTER? Sopho was the real winner of Eurovision, with her OPUS III light bulb inventing wonderful videos. Puffy, you know how I feel about Puffy, if I had had time to really listen to Honeycreeper, this list would be full of them. And Hafdis Huld, she did the best album of 2007, Dirty Paper Cup, and has opinions on what would happen if a gnome lived under your desk. And god bless Kate Miller Heidke, someone I'd drive a pick axe through her skull, for at least having a go with her song and not having the amazing new direction of, er, sounding a bit more 80s.

I'd also like to draw your attention to WINK for their cover of Hazell Dean which was covered by Kylie which was covered by Puffy (or something), TATU for killing each other in dramatic circumstances, to my best wishes for Nipples with her great new EP, and Alexis Strum, for making my favourite video (penguins who are friends!). As for song #22, well, everything in it's place! Plus some links to make your very own Y Xmas mix tape!

#1. Strawberry Switchblade - Since Yesterday
#2. Jodie Foster - La Vie E'st Chouette
#3. Sopho Khalvashi - Visionary Dreams
#4. Puffy - Oriental Diamond
#5. Hafdis Huld - Ice Cream Is Nice
#6. Kate Miller Heidke - Words
#7. Marion Raven - Crawl
#8. Hafdis Huld - Tomoko
#9. Feist - 1234
#10. Wink - Turn It Into Love
#11. Hafdis Huld - Diamonds On My Belly
#12. Alexis Strum - I'll See You This Christmas
#13. Peggy Sue and The Pirates - Superman
#14. Barbie and Ken - Nobody Taught Me
#15. Lupe Fiasco ft Jill Scott - Daydreamin
#16. t.A.T.u. - Beliy Plaschik
#17. Sonia - Only Fools (Never Fall In Love)
#18. Amali "Nipples" Ward - Sahara
#19. Lowneys Chocolates - The By Cracky Beat
#20. Puffy - Boom Boom Beat
#21. Connie Talbot - Somewhere Over The Rainbow
#22. Theme From Billy Anachronism
#23. KPM Production House - Watersports
#24. Hafdis Huld - Ski Jumper
#25. Goldfrapp - Aande

So, to the inevitable Youtube playlist!

I know no one cares, but I do! Collapses in a strange knackered heap!

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