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Claire Flynn Boyle

Claire Music - Claire's Favourite Songs of 2007

I'm not sure entirely what to say about my new Musical year. Some acts I went right off like The Spice Girls and The Rogue Traders, and my list is getting more like Ys (random songs and nonsense replacing genuine big hits). I didn't like Blackout very much, because I have this crazy idea songs should have, you know, tunes. I hope it catches on. Much luv to Britney though.

So why these songs? Well, if there's something that defines the best of Claire music, well, things you can dance to and move around to always wins out. It's changed in the last 48 hours with the addition of songs 3, 4 and 22. Serebro were always #1, I think from the first minute I heard them. To me, I was surprised more Pop sites didn't get behind it. Oh well, I guess that's just me. Girls Aloud at 4? Well, it's just so darn catchy and loud and boppy, it's one of the few Girls Aloud ZOMG to what I actually hear connections. Throw Tweedy into the mix and it's the living distillation of Claire music (except it's from a shit film). Gwenno, well, you all should know how much i love the Princess of Wales, and I love her solo album/EP of Casio keyboard riffs a great deal. I've Been Searching is the one and only song she does with production, and it's fantastic, like a lo fi 80s SAW production. It has made me smile all day. And Jodie Foster is just a lunatic (we still don't know what she's on about, the wacky lesbian). So here's the list, so Y will stop annoying me for it. Anything without a video has a link to where you can find it, apart from #22.

#1. Serebro - Song #1 (Original Version)
#2. Jodie Foster - La Vie E'st Chouette
#3. Gwenno Saunders Pipette - I've Been Searching
#4. Girls Aloud - Theme To St Trinians
#5. Those Dancing Days - Hitten
#6. Serebro - Song #1 (Black Version)
#7. Avril Lavigne - Girlfriend
#8. The Pipettes - True Love Waits Patiently For A Miracle
#9. Gwenno Saunders Pipette - I Have A Feeling That Something Is Missing
#10. Chicks - Structures
#11. Barbie and Ken - Nobody Taught Me
#12. Aly and AJ - Potential Break Up Song
#13. Gwenno Saunders Pipette - She's Got Me On Her Mind
#14. Marion Raven - Crawl
#15. Deborah Gibson - Famous
#16. The Dollyrots - Because I'm Awesome
#17. Michael Gray featuring Shelly Poole - Borderline (Vocal Club Mix)
#18. Nelly Furtado - Say It Right
#19. Gwenno Saunders Pipette - Tanya Loves R&B
#20. The Vs - Hook Me Up
#21. Marit Larsen - Under The Surface
#22. Theme To Billy Anachronism

As for the now traditional Youtube list, well, I kind of muntered it, there's some clips on twice, but it's really late, and I can't be bothered fixing it. You can skip it, what do you want from me? I've got go go boots to try on. And it really is only so Y doesn't scream at me 28 times a day...

And that is the sound of Claire music in 2007. Will I be happy with it next year? Probably. I'm never wrong.

Except about The Spice Girls comeback being a good thing.

Peace out rabbits.

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