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We aint Gissing you at all (except we are Laura...)

Claire Flynn Boyle
2 September 1978
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The critics are raving!

Of course we wouldn't want to suggest that those blogs don't have two original ideas to rub together - Popjustice

Whatever. Time for c-f-b to go pop and "shush up" - Alleged Jewel

Who do you think you are? I am Kirk Pengilly's daughter and your comments are totally uncouth, unnecessary and untrue. Why dont you get a life and go back to the trailer park where you belong and mind your own business instead of picking on people - Kirk Pengilly's daughter

Fuck. I've been a long time reader of your journal and a huge Claire fan. But this has gone too far. What the fuck do you see in Terri? She's a horrible, boring sod. Goodbye. Thanks for the laughs. :( - Ben Cousins

Our mothers love us...

Alyson, Claire, Jessica and Tina