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The Top Songs on The Ypod for 2008

Unlike stupid Claire, this took AGES for me to get right! If you think of this list as basically eight joint might get an idea of how frigging hard this was! I even did this last night and then someone said I missed Smoosh out and I had to start again! I had a crisis of Revelations confidence until I found the Scooby Doo, 1 pound fifty film clip...class! I can say it's possibly the only top songs of the year from anyone that has a bonus track off a remix album next to Thailands healthiest girlband...don't say I don't provide people with new songs to listen to! At least it's not all The Presets and MGMT and Andre Rieu around here boy howdy!

#1. The Revelations - It's You!
#2. Smoosh - Dark Shine
=#3. Melissa Mars - Apocalips (Play Track 1, I think the names have buggered off them!)
=#3. Sofia Essaidi - Femme d'aujourd'hui
#5. Santogold - Icarus
#6. Lenka - The Show
#7. Girly Berry - Shake It
#8. Ayria - Disease
#9. Puffy AmiYumi - My Story
#10. Melissa Mars - Love Machine
#11. Jenny Lewis - You Are What You Love
#12. Manda Rin - Breakup Breakdown
#13. Kidz Bop Kidz - Umbrella (Ella Ella Ey Ey)
#14. Electric Blue - Getting Nowhere
#15. Melissa Mars - I Hate You (Alexxkid Remix)
#16. Tying Tiffany - I Wanna Be Your MP3
#17. Sinitta - Cross my Broken Heart (Cupids avenging mix)
#18. Smoosh - Find A Way
#19. Goldfrapp - Road To Somewhere
#20. $olal - Psycho Girls & Psycow Boys (Haaksman & Haaksman Remix)
#21. Puffy AmiYumi - All Because Of You
#22. Rita Lee & Tutti Frutti - Corista De Rock
#23. Theme To Billy Anachronism

Utterly pointless as Claire said, but hey, I love lists! Unless it's that Rove McManus show...

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