Claire Flynn Boyle (cfbgoespop) wrote,
Claire Flynn Boyle

Alyson has an amusing encounter with Claire's pop star pal!

Given our website is now as successful as Brendan Nelson, Ben Cousins is going to Collingwood (to put that in perspective, that's like Girlfriend reforming, but with Ricki Lee instead of S) and I was looking forward to going to the wedding Claire was talking about in the post below because they had spent like a million bucks setting it up (guarantee of good cake!) it's been a crappy few days for me. Worse than that, I think Claire has Izzys phone number, Sarah Jessica Parker still seems to be famous, and we STILL can't get legal permission to tell our Delta Goodrem story! Grrrr!

Still, let's cheer Alyson with a new segment!

Alyson has an amusing encounter with Claire's pop star pal!

I've said before that Nicola Roberts is my dream friend, but Claire has a real pop star pal (I wonder who that could be) and last night, I had Claire's phone because my own was buggered and I had to ring a taxi from the garden party I was at (don't worry, old school homies still rolling with me, money don't change me, but certainly I am a sucker for a pleasnt sandwich). So I was waiting for a taxi, and this text message came through from said pop star pal and it said, I quote, "If you forget the fruit tomorrow night, don't bother showing up!" - naturally, I did initially think Claire was some kind of runner for her, which would have been SO amusing, the idea of Claire doing something for someone else! Then, I remembered fresh fruit and flowers used to be code for drugs, and got a bit worried. However, I do generally believe this person isn't in anyway like (CENSORED! LAWYER ALERT!) and genuinely does enjoy some nice fruit and this was simply a mis-directed text message. So I texted back, I quote, "I don't have any fruit, but this ringtone is driving me bananas!" see, it was frui...and the ring...and it was dri...and...OH FINE...

Anyway, I amused myself, but then I realised that I hadn't signed it, and maybe said pop star might think Claire had sent an amusing text. Two hours later, she sent a text back, and it said "Good one Claire, that's your best joke since the one about the cat".

Eh? What? We must know what this joke was Claire! It sounds hilarious! Absolute gold! Look at you wowing the pop star world with your animal based humour! Wow, you are a very, very talented individual! As talented as Ricki Lee and her battle with depression!

Man, that's a read!

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