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Claire learns Izzy Hoyland breaks up marriages

Never mind Alyson, so no one liked your Giss mania, and no one liked your Paul Potts song, never mind, there's always one thing we can guarantee with you...

So anyway, I'm a fraction hungover (Yay - Claire's drinking again, this will be funny! - Alyson) and Keisha Sugababe has said she didn't know people outside of London bought records (this years "Monkeys, I'm not buying them!" moment) on this Sugababes special. Man, if I knew someone in the band, I'd have a word to her. I probably need to befriend Berabah The Rapper or whatever her name is. (Subtle - Subtle checker Tina T) . And so, let's play this game instead...

Claire learns Izzy Hoyland breaks up marriages

I've got this friend (you do not! You hate everyone! We're your friends! - Alyson) who who was getting married in Sydney in about 4 weeks, such a shame I couldn't go, since I'll be working my thing at the Richmond v Collingwood game, but I was still quite happy for her because she was excited. And so anyway, she sent me a text last night when I was at the Ice Bar (You do like that place a lot for a dive! - Alyson) saying that the wedding was off and she was at home stuffing her face with doughnuts and ice cream. So I've gone, why are you telling me? I don't care, stop interrupting my night, stop worrying me with your stupid problems (That doesn't sound like you at all - Sarcastic Tina T) . But I had 5 minutes to kill until the pushy bitch that always ruins that place kicked me out, so I rang her, and apparently, this is what had happened.

She'd gone out with like, 4 girlfriends. And they were in a club, in the heart of downtown Melbourne. And this came on the video wall.

Yes, Izzy Hoyland and the other blokes who desperately pretend they are a band when it's all about Izzy. But since you can't fit that easily on an album cover (especially a 2nd album not as good as the 1st one), the "Rogue Traders" (They ripped me off on E-bay, DAMN YOU ROGUE TRADERS! - Alyson) . Anyway, the song is called "I Never Liked You" and there's a line "I never liked you, even when I tried to" - and basically, she's heard this song, and decided that the guy she was going to marry, well, she absolutely completely hated him. She didn't know why she'd only just realised, and why it took Izzy to tell her that, but apparently, it's sunk in at that point, so she's rung him up, broke off the wedding, and shagged one of the bouncers to celebrate. I just wonder if this is an epidemic, whether people all over Australia realise that their relationships are terrible based entirely on a 3 minute clip where Izzy hits someone in the groin. If this has just made you realise your relationship is, like I care. Do what you got to do.

I like to think Izzy would approve though...and that was...

Claire learns Izzy Hoyland breaks up marriages

Now, time to ring Berabah the Rapper...

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