Claire Flynn Boyle (cfbgoespop) wrote,
Claire Flynn Boyle

The Pop can say they miss the Giss

OK, so no one liked my Paul Potts song, so I guess I deserve this...

At least it wasn't a song about Pol Pot..hang on, he was in charge of Cambodia wasn't he?

Any chance I get these days. Anyway, enough about 1981 Kim Wilde songs (Hush your mouth for thinking such a thing was possible! - Kim Wildeian Tina T) . Don't you miss The Giss? At lot of people were very unhappy with the Giss back in the day and took the piss (out of the Giss - rhyming Tina T), but we were never ever ashamed to say that Laura Gissara was absolutely our favourite Idoller of 2005, and we're frankly pissed off that she's never come off the bench to snag a spot in the Young Divas (for instance). I've been inspired to call for a full day of rememberance for The Giss, as I am without question the only person to have Laura Gissara songs on my IPOD (Greatest View, Ti Amo, Don't Let Go and Ready Willing & Able). I think Greatest View is my favourite (no one can rock quite like The Giss). I was thinking today, I really miss her a lot, especially when we are two years removed from our (got quite far you know) attempt to get The Giss to sing the theme song for the Soccer (Surely "football", at least on Foxtel? - sport querying Tina T) World Cup. Sadly, and this applies to our 2008 plans for Tammin, the Olympic theme on Channel 7 is already taken by some HOPELESS JOKE but at least there's 2010 in Souf Afreka if we qualify for the soccer, right? RIGHT?

Natalie Zahra completely concurs with Gissmania

The last I heard of the Giss, back when her website was listing her as "young, determined and sassy" was back a while ago when she released a self funded version of the "beautiful power ballad I never got to sing", Ti Amo, to an ungreatful public. Australia gets another chance to Kiss The Giss in 08, with a new album PROMISED. Her Myspace certainly reveals an exciting list of very powerful music friends. Timbaland, Alicia Keys, Ne-Yo (Ne-yoooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! Now it's time for one of my cute little dances!), and best of all, Rihbyn! Not content with selling her own Umbrella (ella-ella-ella-ey-eys) range, Rihbyn is BEST MATES with the Giss! Myspace wouldn't lie to me. I'm jealous, I want to be mates with The Giss! Actually, I forgot, I wrote a Giss sitcom (A Gisscom or SitGiss? - Claire)
back in the day, I wonder if I should dig it out of the archive. Maybe I should fire up The Giss Army again. Let's make sure Gissmania never dies!


PS. I just found a picture of something The Giss signed with my name on it. Buggered if I can remember what that was about!
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