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Claire Flynn Boyle

Potts Of Gold - The musical!

Sorry that we've spoken a lot about Robanna/Rihbyn (Note: we haven't decided whether to call her Robanna or Rihbyn yet, I liked Rihbyn though, sounds like a tasty vitamin - Democratic Tina T) lately, but you must admit, she is endlessly fascinating...

Not only does she have a public holiday in her honor, but now, she's banned Umbrella-ella-ella-ey-eys from her concerts , in presumably some sort of 30 year old protest for Georgi Markov. (Alyson Tamara Guard, king of obscure references - CFB) . OK, maybe no one gets that, but still, I do like that you can buy a Rihbyn (I think we're going with that - Tina T) official Umbrella-ella-ella-ey-ey in the lobby. If you can get merchandise based on a song, I'm really annoyed Nicole Richies Dandelion never took off! A girl can dream...

Incidentally, proving the evil spying nature of Gmail, I just got my first Rihbyn spam virus e-mail, which is spooky...

Anyway, enough 1978 references, Claire yesterday wanted me to work on a script for Potts Of Gold, the film that is proposed in real life about Paul "Corky" Potts, (It's in bad taste to mention the closeness of Paul Potts to Pol Pot, but I would like some sort of mix up based on the two - CFB) and his bitchslapping down of poor lovable Connie Talbot. I do like the idea of Corky from Life Goes On playing Pottsy, but I've been more working it into a musical. Here in Oz, everyone seems to be calling it "just like Billy Elliott, but with more mobile phone sales", but I've been kind of working it into a musical. It's not finished yet, but here is at least a song cobbled together from the vague facts I know from his Wikipedia page...the song is called Pottsy (Is he flying to Cambodia? I love that song! - Kim Wilde bigging up Tina T)


I was not a Cambodian dictator
I was a crap mobile phone operator
At school, people said "see you later"
But they never did (they never did)
People used to say lardarse, or tubby, or wobble bottom...
(Wobble bottom)
But mamma, I gotta sing!
I found out I could sing
And now the phone, it will always ring (but someone else will answer!)
I used to work at a small Welsh store
But now I'm singing to Michael Barrymore (Michael Barrymore)

They call him Pottsy (Pottsy)
Who knew he could sing like that (like that)
He was especially good
For a Liberal Democrat
That he is a star, that aint no rumour
And he overcame an adrenal tumor (adrenal tumor)

So take that ickle children
There's a new opera star
My funky style is fresh and bold
I can totally beat down a six year old!
Met my wife in Yahoo Chat
Have you met my talented cat?
They call me Pottsy, beloved by the gays
No wait, that was the one from Happy Days...

I think it's got a Tony award written all over it! And just for you Tina T...

Splendid...todays so called song writers etc

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