Claire Flynn Boyle (cfbgoespop) wrote,
Claire Flynn Boyle

Alyson chucks a mental to make a point

Well, Rihanna day was great fun, in fact, I went busking and sang Mariah Careys "Hero" in a really terrible off key voice!

Her names Robyn? Oh bollocks, she's got a Y in her name. And all we got at our high school was RAWK. Why didn't we get entertainment like Robyn singing Hero? More on that and Robyn day later, but I've been impossibly giddy today. Not that the drugs I've taken for my headache have had anything to do with it but...

The Disco Cow is ALREADY voted off It Takes Two! Geez, that didn't take long! Yes, terrible for Scott Draper and kids with polio (Surely Cystic Fybrosis? - Fact Checking Tina T) But once again, it disproves this amazing myth that the nation is full of people who like her! I mean, that's TWO absolute certified huge bombing albums, voted off I-dull early in a ZOMG shock, the magazine with her on the cover in her wedding selling way WAY lower than a normal issue, and now she can't even rustle enough votes from her huge fan base to beat Candice Falzon and a footballer from Melbourne? 71 (71!) people sent me her flier, so obviously they tried! I didn't get a Candice Falzon flier! Why is this woman famous? Why is she even in the paper! She's doing gigs at cake cuttings and fire stations and STILL the Herald Sun makes out that she's going to break the UK! I don't understand! I really don't! She is VILE, and somehow she's still around! Take a hint! It's like being force fed medicine as a child!

In fact, having once lead a block party against her, I decided that if she was still around even though no one liked her (she really is lemon medicine), I was going to campaign for what I like that no one else does to be force fed down Australias throat! (You wanted to get the hilarious PC re-written comedy of That Cotton Won't Pick Itself! on national television? - Claire) - very close my mardy chum! If Channel 7 was content to put The Disco Cow on TV even though it's proven no one likes her, it's only fair that on prime time TV, they do something for ME on Channel 7! That is, a prime time airing of the greatest movie of all time, Pentathlon! Dolph Lundgren as an East German Pentathlete, with, quote, "All the thrills of THE OLYMPIC TRIALS!" . That's right, he's a man on a mission to QUALIFY! What a treat! So today, I sent Chanel No.7 an e-mail that read like this.

"Dear Channel 7, big fan, that show where Ed Kavalee doesn't get the concept of repartee, brilliant. Anyway, as a loyal listener (Surely "Viewer", Fact Checking Tina T) it's come to my attention that you've been putting Ricki Lee (aka "The Disco Cow") in my TV. I really don't like her. In fact, no one likes her. Surely if you took a poll, you'd find her to be less popular than Candace Falzon...oh wait, you did that. Having made me put up with her smug face on my screen, can you please program the movie "Pentathlon" on prime time TV to make up for it? I am the only person in the world who seems to like this film, but then, that's one more person than likes The Disco Cow, and you put her on TV! Your pal, Alyson"

Wish me luck comrades! Hee hee, her names Robyn...

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