Claire Flynn Boyle (cfbgoespop) wrote,
Claire Flynn Boyle

Tomorrow, Rihanna Day, today, STEP CLAP, STEP STEP CLAP

I only just found out that Rihanna (and let's face it, Y and I are the last two people in the planet who didn't like Umbrella/Ella/Ella/Ey/Ey) had a national day declared in Barbados in her honour. In certain circles on the Internet, there has been quite a spirited debate as to whether or not this was a public holiday conferred by the government, or just Rihanna did a concert with that idiot who sings Kiss Kiss (Holly Valance? - Alyson) and they went a bit OTT, but certainly it was a kerfuffle (one step up from an incident and one step below a fracas on the scale) and she cut a cake. Sadly, I didn't find this out until today, when the actual day where she cut the cake was the 21st of February, but never let it be said we don't like pointless public holidays. So we've all taken a day off (Alyson got a job? - Fact Checking Tina T) from our busy schedules, to celebrate Rihanna day, and we'll be bringing you the full results tomorrow. We even found a girl called Ella to harass.

I couldn't grow my forehead big enough though, to do a full homage, and until then, why not enjoy the greatest song of 2008 so far, which now, rather splendidly, has a film clip.


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