Claire Flynn Boyle (cfbgoespop) wrote,
Claire Flynn Boyle

Charli and the Ambition Factory

See, funky haircut, adult ambitions, it's truly a sad, sad day...

To cheer us up on this sad day, Claire and I have decided to share our favourite Charli memories. AND WE HATE YOU FOREVER ADAM SO CALLED GILCHRIST!

Claire: I've probably said before, my first job at Channel 9 (back when it made programs) was kiddie motivator on Hi 5, in the very early days when they were all enthusiastic and happy. Believe me, a lot of research went into their characters for Hi 5 the movie. Anyway, my job was to make sure the kids were dancing, plied with lollies and red cordial to keep them energetic and happy, and to frame some shots. By the way, kids TV is evil to the very core. The number of diabetic children seemingly force fed jelly beans...

So anyway, this one day, the kids were really playing up, and there was a big pow wow off stage because they were getting no shots at all and some of the kids were punching each other and being brats and squealing and even Nathan was getting narked. So all of a sudden, this pink and green haired blur steamed up to the group and she had this giant grin on her face, she was always grinning, and she goes "GUYS! You are doing it ALL WRONG! You THROW (and she made a throwing motion) the lollies to the far edge of the studio and then SCRAMBLE!"

We took in this piece of wisdom for a moment while she giggled, and then she said as if it was self explanatory with a giant grin on her face "THEY RUN, THEY FIGHT FOR LOLLIES, THEY GET TIRED, THEY SHUT THE FUCK UP!" and ran off into position to do Robots. It was then we realised, we were in the presence of genius...


Alyson: That's an easy question, my favourite moment on ANY Hi-5 show ever involved Charli. To set the scene, Hi 5 had this grape like puppet (it may still do) called Jup Jup, and his schtick was that he would steal things while the Hi 5ers (usually Kathleen) were focusing on something. For instance, Kathleen would say "I'm preparing a picnic" and she would put the forks down and then go "Let me just unpack the spoons!" and Jup Jup would steal the forks. Later, when Kathleen was getting the pickles, Jup Jup would put the forks back. As you can imagine, this amused me for AGES! The KEY point to all of this was no one in Hi 5 would ever know it was Jup Jup stealing all the stuff, it would remain an amusing mystery.

Anyway, one day, to shake things up, Charli was at the beach and was all "I'M BUILDING A SANDCASTLE!" in this sketch. Got out a bucket, where's my spade, turned to get the spade, Jup Jup stole the bucket. Charli looks for the bucket, no bucket. And I'll always remember this clearly, she looked right down the barrel of the camera and instead of being bewildered as to what happened to the bucket, she went in this demented crazy voice "OH! NAUGHTY JUP JUPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP!" and carried on making her sandcastle, and the sketch lasted about 10 more seconds.

A genius. An absolute stone cold comedy genius...
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